Insurance Claims Assistance

First off the insurance process is not difficult if you approach it with the end in mind.

Here is an easy step by step process of how the claims process works.

  1. Aspen Roofing & Exteriors will come out to complete a FREE INSPECTION. An Aspen Roofing & Exteriors project manager will do a complete exterior inspection of the property. Including Roofing, Exteriors, Windows, Siding , A/C, Sheds, Fencing, and any other damage the homeowner may be aware of.The project manager will then give you a complete analysis of the damage.
  2. Your Aspen Roofing & Exteriors Project Manager will call your insurance company with you to file a claim for wind and hail damage. At this time we need to take a look at your insurance paperwork. We will notate the policy number, deductible.
  3. Once the claim is filed we can answer any questions your insurance provider may have.
  4. Your insurance provider will give you and your Project Manager a claim number and an appointment time to inspect the property. It is EXTREMELY important that Aspen Roofing & Exteriors BE AT THIS MEETING!
  5. Your Aspen Roofing & Exteriors Project Manager will meet with the insurance adjuster.
  6. Once the insurance company agrees to pay, Aspen Roofing & Exteriors will provide a detailed Xactimate estimate to your insurance company. The Xactimate software is the same one used by most major insurance companies.
  7. Your Aspen Roofing & Exteriors case manager will negotiate a fair price to put an UP TO CODE roof on your house
  8. Aspen Roofing & Exteriors will pull all necessary permits and deliver them to your home. We will also leave a ladder at your house for the city to do an inspection upon completion.
At Aspen Roofing & Exteriors we are committed to a timely , pain free, roof and exterior replacement. Our project managers go through continuing education. We hire dedicated individuals and compensate them well to make sure they represent Aspen Roofing & Exteriors in the most professional manner possible.

Call Aspen Roofing & Exteriors now to schedule your no cost , no hassle roof inspection today! Or fill out the short form below and we will contact you shortly to set up a free inspection.

We hope this helps and always appreciate your business!