Asphalt Composition Roof

Asphalt composition roofs are the most commonly used in the roofing industry. Thanks to the low cost of materials, asphalt composition roofs are a great way to build or replace a roof at a low cost. Yet has the quality everyone is looking for. Thus a good reason Asphalt roofs are highly popular. Most residences seem to support this type of roof. These types of roofs come in 30 years, to 50 years, to Lifetime manufacturer warranties. Higher grades are referred to as "impact resistant" or (IR shingles) Here is an example of Owens Corning Duration Storm. We carry many different brands, with a wide range of colors.
This seems to be the most popular "look" that seems to be ordered.
Wait there are more examples of styles and types from various vendors we have access to. These may have upgrade charges, however, they look fantastic!
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