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Benefits of Tile Roofing for Your Home

Everything you need to know about installing a tile roof, or buying a property with one.

You may not realize it but residential roofing in the United States is somewhat of an exception to the rest of the world. It doesn't mean the US has bad traditional roofing methods, but it does speak to the viability of concrete and tile roofing. Let's look at the pros & cons of tile roofs.

Pros of tile roofing

1.) Great for Hail Season - Concrete & tile roofing are perfect for Colorado weather. They are highly impact-resistant to large hail and severe winds. Additionally, they are virtually immune to fire making them perfect for homes in the mountains.

2.) Environmental - Concrete & clay come from our earth and are a sustainable resource for roofing. When it comes time to replace a tile roof, the leftover material can be recycled for other construction projects.

3.) Energy Efficient - Concrete & clay roofing can improve the energy efficiency of your home, particularly in the warmer months. A properly installed concrete roof with have a gab between the shingles and the decking, allowing for ventilation.

Our tile roofing services include leak detection, repairs, & full installation. We can work alongside new builds as well!

4.) Durability - These roofs can last upwards of 60 years.

5.) Beautiful - Tile roof materials make some of the prettiest additions to your home. There are a variety of colors and shapes which can help you build your dream home.

6.) Maintenance - There is virtually no maintenance required on concrete & tile roofing. Although they are immune to insect damage, there can be an issue with mold & moss. To deal with this, you would hire an expert to come clean the roof. You could also purchase a pressure washer and environmentally friendly cleaners to wash the roof. Your pressure washer should not exceed 1200 psi. Mold & moss will be more prevalent in areas with high moisture content.

Cons of Concrete & Clay Roofing

1.) Installation - Tile roof systems are very heavy and need particular reinforcement in the rafters to sustain the increased weight. The flashing required for a concrete roof installation is also specialty. You should find a roofer with experience installing these roofs, or you could end up with major issues down the line.

2.) Fracturing - Although very durable, rapid shifts in temperature can potentially cause fractures in the shingles. We're not trying to scare you, but it's still a good idea to have an annual roof inspection to be on guard against this.

3.) Expensive - Tile roofs generally cost about two to three times a standard asphalt roofing system. Depending on how long you live in your home, you may save money in the long run on maintenance costs. Additionally, you will enjoy the increased value of your property post tile-install.

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