Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

What is Modified Bitumen?

Mod-bit is a mixture of materials to create a composition which is highly leak and impact resistant. Bitumen, otherwise known as asphalt, is a form of petroleum. Contractors should install mod-bit in multiple layers to ensure the roof is effective. It will typically contain a combination of asphalt coats, with fiberglass or polyester fabric in between to prevent tearing.

Pros of Modified Bitumen:

Energy Efficient - Mod Bit tends to be very UV and heat resistant, helping with energy costs and overall, just a more comfortable environment for anyone inside during the warmer season.

Cost-effective Repair - Additionally, mod bit is very easy to repair with bitumen patches. You can recycle many types of mod-bit which considers it environmentally friendly. Like most of our other posts in the services section, we always recommend inquiring about this prior to starting a project.

Homeowner Friendly - Mod-bit is a roll-on material for flat roof systems. Contractors install mod-bit hot, cold, or peel-and-stick. We recommend peel-and-stick because it’s much more DIY friendly, and does not have the lingering toxic smell as a side-effect of a heated install. Mod-bit can be a DIY project. Just make sure your surfaces are clean and you install your drip edge before you roll the bitumen.

Note: Picture shown left is of a commercial property. Mod-bit can be used for residential as well. You can see the seams where the rolled bitumen overlaps itself to seal the roof surface from any moisture.

Cons of Modified Bitumen:

Unfortunately, there are some down sides to Modified Bitumen roofing.

Requires Excellent Drainage - This type of material doesn’t do well with poor water drainage. You should remove standing water from the surface to avoid premature wear and tear of the bitumen. When starting a Mod-bit project, your biggest concern should be ensuring a system for proper drainage before install.

Lifespan - Mod-bit has the shortest lifespan compared to other commercial roofing systems, of just 10-20 years.

Odor - After installing a modified bitumen roof, there will be a lingering odor which is unpleasant. It’s a good idea to relocate or install the roof when you know you will be away for a few days.

Note: There is no odor if you decide to use a peel and stick application.

You can check out one of our residential Mod-bit installs below:

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