Tar and Gravel Roof Install

Commercial & Multi-Family Flat Roofs

Tar & Gravel Roof is a great choice as it is fire retardant, rugged, and safe to walk on. However, it should not be walked on a consistent basis because it can shorten the life of the roof. A tar and gravel roof will generally last around 20 years, although if they are well maintained and properly installed, it has been known to last almost 40 years. The Gravel acts as a protectant against wind, hail, and sun, as the material underneath would become brittle without it. However, with a layer of gravel too thick, water can be trapped and slow to evaporate. This can lead to growing mold, if drainage has not been done properly, by making the layer of gravel too deep. It is all based on balance and if it is installed properly.
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