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Commercial roofs are great for their functionality, and the variety of products out their for them. However, Colorado always has other plans for them. The weather in Colorado changes rapidly and goes through different extremes. Despite the materials being very durable, the shifting temperatures do cause wear and tear.

Why do you need an inspection?

When materials expand and contract, small tears will propagate and allow water to seep through as they continue to experience transformations. Hopefully the liquid is only water, but even that is no friend of decking. Water will cause molding over time and weaken the structure. As this occurs, the surface becomes deformed and makes it more difficult for to drain additional water in the future. Likewise, water which cannot drain will find a suitable resting place where it will corrode other materials, and pressure the decking into further deformation.

Roof ponding causes major problems. More water, weight, deformation, corrosion, molding. Rinse and repeat (no pun intended), and your roof eventually experiences catastrophic failure. You should have a roof inspection once a year to maintain your building during the dry season. Why not?! Roofing companies are very competitive and will often offer one for free. We do too!

Your Diamond Shield Roof Inspection

Our Diamond Shield Roof Inspection looks at all aspects of your roofing system. We identify potential problems, as well as, current issues and advise you on the best course of action for your situation. In the event we decide to work together, we'll discuss your material options and what your restoration process would entail.

Here’s what we include in our inspection. Some of this you can do yourself if you feel it’s safe:

We always look at the gutters first, especially if nobody has been up there in a while! Debris block drainage and are the most common cause for pooling water.

We then investigate see if there is any water hanging out up there. If the water has evaporated, we check for deformations in the Roof Field and discolorations. The discolorations indicate areas where moisture has settled for an extended period of time. If any of this is visible, we need to discover how severe the damage is. 

How do we do that?

Examine the Roof Field for Cracks or Tears:

Compromises in the roof material can damage decking and framing. Any water trapped on the Roof Field will find a home in the cracks or tears. If leaks cannot be located visually, we perform a moisture test to determine where they are located. A FLIR gun will analyze the temperature of different portions of the Roof Field to determine areas affected by leaks.

Examine your Flashing:

Your roof hardware should be sealed off at any penetrations. Roof flashing protects the seal by diverting water away. Over time, flashing will lose its integrity and need to be replaced or re-sealed.

Some of these steps can be done by yourself but why bother when we can do it for you for free? We want your business so make us earn it! One commercial inspection per year minimum outside of incidents is recommended. We will send an expert to your property free of charge and perform our Diamond Shield Inspection. Your expert will give you a detailed analysis custom to your property and inform you of your best course of action for repair.

We specialize in Fluid Applied Restoration to help customers save money on repairs while keeping hours of operation open at a maximum. There are a number of different roofing materials and installations. Consequently, there is no one size fits all assessment for commercial roofing assessments. Give us a call today or schedule on our website! You can also email us here if you just have a quick question.

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