Homeownership in the United States is way up thanks to a low 4% unemployment rate and skyrocketing consumer confidence.

As a matter of fact, 2019 is shaping up to be the biggest home buying year in over a decade!

While homeownership brings with it positives like being in control of your property and building equity, it also brings with it the need for regular maintenance. Among the most common things you’ll need to maintain in your home is your gutters.

Conducting a regular gutter cleaning is integral to persevering your home’s health and in many cases the safety of your family. Given that gutters need thorough attention and the dangers that could arise from self-cleaning due to a gutter’s suspended nature, we recommend enlisting the help of gutter cleaning services when your gutters need attention.

Below, our team breaks down everything you need to know about engaging a gutter service professional.


Why Cleaning Your Gutters is Important?

Many people hear home experts and gutter cleaning services tout the importance of keeping their gutters maintained but often chalk the advice up to a “nice to have” maintenance priority rather than a necessity.

Many of those same people regret their indifference when clogged, dirty gutters lead to more severe and expensive problems.

Here are a few of the issues that can be caused by forgoing gutter cleaning:

Severe Roof Damage

If your gutters are clogged, you run the risk of them flooding which can pool excess water on your roof. Not only can this lead to you getting a bucket’s worth of water dumped on your head when you step outside, but it can also erode your roof prematurely leading to needing costly roof repairs.


Bugs and rodents love to set up shop in gutters. If you don’t establish a regular cleaning routine, they’ll build nests which can lead to a situation where you have bad smells and even disease emanating from your gutters.


When clogged gutters overflow, water can spill over their edges. If temperatures turn to freezing, this overflow can lead to icicles that could be dangerous.

Broken Brackets

If your gutters become over encumbered, their brackets will break. That could lead to your gutters collapsing. Collapsed gutters are not only costly to fix but also could lead to pests and rodents spilling out around your home.


How Often Should You Get Your Gutters Cleaned?

Now that we’ve run you through a handful of the reasons why your gutters should be cleaned, let’s talk frequency.

While we wish we could give you a straight answer as to how often you should clean your gutters, the only real answer is that it depends.

Baseline, you’ll want to have your gutters cleaned twice a year. If you live in an area that has a lot of pine trees or similar fixtures that can increase your gutter’s exposure to debris or rodents, you may want to have your gutters looked at as much as four times a year.

Your gutter cleaning services professional can advise further on this.


What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Pro?

Bringing in a gutter cleaning services professional to clean your gutters is a must for homeowners looking to get the most value out of their cleaning. Here are a few of the top reasons why bringing in a pro is important:


Safety should be the number one consideration in everything that you do. That’s why climbing up on a ladder, sometimes two-stories high, to clean a gutter as a non-professional is a bad idea.

Ladder accidents affect the lives of 500,000 people in the United State every year. A portion of those end up being fatal.

That by itself is a great reason to enlist the help of a professional.


There’s no reason why you should have to spend a whole weekend cleaning your gutters. When you bring in a pro, they get the job done right, fast.

A Trained Eye

When you call in gutter cleaning services, they won’t just help you clean your gutter. They can also assess your gutter’s condition and help you get ahead of any costly problems that could be developing.

The Job Will Get Done Right

At the end of the day, you want clean, working gutters. When a pro services your gutter job, you’ll get exactly that and won’t have to worry about the possibility that something was missed.


Gutter Cleaning Services: How to Find a Pro

Our hope is that by this point we’ve convinced you of the importance of getting regular gutter cleaning. Also, we hope that you understand that if you want the job done right, you should hire a professional.

So where can you start your professional gutter cleaning services search?

Talk to family members and friends and see if they’ve worked with someone in the past they’ve enjoyed. Check out online reviews on sites like Google or Yelp by searching terms like “Gutter cleaning services in (wherever your local market is)”.

Finally, if you’re located in Denver, we recommend that you start your cleaning services search with the best and contact us at Aspen Roofing & Exteriors.

Our team has been servicing Denver Colorado and surrounding areas for almost a decade. We pride ourselves on offering affordable, high-quality solutions to homeowner’s gutters, roofing, painting, and other exterior needs.

Learn more about our services on our website and when you’re ready, contact us and schedule your appointment today!

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