Has your roof seen better days? Do you see more than a few missing or damaged shingles?

The Denver metro area is directly in the middle of Hail Alley which has seen hail storms almost every year for the past 15 years, with the largest measuring three inches.

We have all seen what hail can do to our cars, but we often overlook the damage it does to our roofs. New energy efficient roofs can offer homeowners lasting protection against extreme weather.

In this article, we will help you figure out what kind of roofing materials would be best for your home.

Signs That You Need a New Roof

There are several telltale signs that your roof is on its way out. If you have mysterious water leaks in your home, they might not be coming from your pipes.

Another sign that you need a new roof is feeling the wind or seeing light in your attic. If your shingles have degraded to that point, it is time to look at energy efficient shingles.

It is easy to do a checkup on your roof’s condition, take a look at the color of your shingles do you see black or green blotches?

If you do, you may have algae growing on your roof; this is common in areas that receive a lot of rain. It can be removed by hand, but you need a contractor to come in and assess the damage.

They will be able to access and show you signs of splitting, blistering, and discoloration on your damaged shingles.

Installing Energy Efficient Roofs

The average cost of roof replacement will vary according to the size of your home, and some homeowners are reluctant to undertake such a big project.

It may seem like an expensive investment, but large hail can destroy an aging roof in under half an hour.

Leaky roofs also allow water to seep into the foundation of your home and having a windy attic can increase your heating bills by thousands of dollars every year.

There are several options for new roofing materials that are environmentally friendly.


In general, finding energy efficient roofing means going with lighter colors. If you want asphalt shingles, you should look for ones that have been treated with reflective material.

Asphalt shingles are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and can last for up to 20 years. If your house was built more than 20 years ago, it is definitely time for a roofing upgrade.

When you meet with your roofing contractor, let them know that you are looking for ENERGY STAR shingles, which is a rating system maintained by the Department of Energy.

To earn the ENERGY STAR rating, a product must help reduce greenhouse gases, and it has to be reliable and made by more than one manufacturer.

If you are a recycling enthusiast, you should know that about 80% of all asphalt products are made with reclaimed materials.


Metal roofing can be a great choice for older homes and businesses. You can install large, flat metal roofing panels, or you can opt to install metal roofing tiles.

The great thing about metal tiles is that they are made in a wide variety of styles. If you want to have the look of adobe clay tiles without the risk of breakage, you should invest in metal roofing tiles.

Metal tiles can mimic asphalt roofing tiles, shake tiles, and slate. They resist rusting and damage from hail, and typically come with a warranty of 50 years.

If you have a historic property, a stunning metal roof will complement your home. Copper has been used in roofing for centuries and will age to a lovely patina.

How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

The best roofing contractors know that using cheap materials is not worthwhile. They may not come in with the lowest bid, but they stand behind their workmanship and make their customers happy.

There are several viable options for energy efficient roofs, and it is a good idea to ask to see samples before you make your decision. You might start off wanting asphalt tiles but get won over by attractive, durable metal shingles.

We work with our customers to make sure that they are happy with our service. We can meet with claims adjusters, and we always make sure to get the proper permits.

If you are wondering about roof replacement, give us a call or send us an email online. We have offices in Lakewood, Loveland, Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area and offer free estimates to all of our customers.

We look forward to meeting and working with you!

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