“My garage door won’t open.” These are words you never want to hear yourself say.

A broken garage door isn’t only inconvenient, but can also cause harm to someone in the right conditions.

So, how do you know why your door won’t open? We’ll tell you what you need to know in this post.

Keep reading to learn 10 reasons your garage door might be getting stuck.

1. Your Photo-Eye Can’t See

Your garage door’s photo-eye is a safety feature that has been a part of these doors since the early 1990s.

It is a piece of equipment that resides on each side of the garage door a few feet above the ground. When your door opens, it shoots a laser to look for obstructions that could interfere with the door’s operation.

If the photo-eye detects anything, then this will cause the door not to operate. The photo-eye can be triggered if it’s blocked, misaligned, or dirty.

2. Your Torsion or Extension Springs Are Damaged

If your motor is running, but the door isn’t opening, then the problem could lie in the spring mechanisms. It is one of the more common reasons for failure.

These springs help guide the door and provide tension when it is moving. But the springs don’t last forever. Each one of them has a usage limit.

Whenever you reach the limit, then you need to replace them. The longer the springs remain past this limit, the more chance there is for them to fail.

When the spring breaks, you will likely hear a loud pop. You shouldn’t attempt to repair these on your own. Call a professional to handle this problem.

3. Your Operator Can’t Get Power

Before you go crazy and check out all of the fun stuff, try checking the power first. Everything is plugged in, right?

Of course, there are other reasons for no power. You can blow fuses or have a faulty outlet. Either way, once you restore power, your garage door should be good to go.

4. The Sensitivity Is Not Adjusted

If you have a new garage door, then a common problem is you haven’t calibrated the sensitivity.

This setting lets your door know how much weight is required to open and close the door. If the sensor thinks the door is too heavy or too light for what is needed, then it can cause your door to not function.

5. Your Opener Gear Is Stripped

When you have an older door, then it can cause wear on the assemblies. This wear means that they don’t function as well as they did when they were new.

If it becomes stripped, then this can cause it to not work at all anymore. The best giveaway for this problem is when you hear a humming noise when your door tries to open.

You can replace the gears, but sometimes a new opener is also necessary to repair your garage door.

6. Your Door Track Isn’t Aligned

Your garage door track is what helps your door stay aligned and move where it needs to go. When your track isn’t aligned, your door can’t stay centered and won’t be able to run correctly.

The problem may not be immediately visible. It starts small at first, with the door movement slowing down. But as time goes on, the problem will keep getting worse.

If you think that you have an alignment problem, then a good option is to monitor the door as it moves. As the door crosses the problem areas, you will notice it slow down and squeak in these spots.

If you let this problem go for too long, it can cause unnecessary stress on your garage door and create more problems.

7. Snapped Cables

Your cables are what work alongside the door springs to help raise and lower the door. They are what help the door physically move.

A snapped cable is a common occurrence when your springs break. With a popped spring, the cable is the only thing holding the weight of the garage door. The longer you wait to repair a broken spring, the better the chance of your cable snapping too.

Any movement of the door can cause severe stress on cables and damage them. You should leave your garage door alone and don’t manually open it. Your whole door could end up coming down.

8. Deactivated Motor

Your problem could be as simple as a deactivated motor. The motor switch is there so you can open your door manually in the case of a power outage or other reasons.

But if the connector to the motor gets pulled loose then it could deactivate your motor and prevent your door from functioning.

9. The Door is Locked

Another reason for your door not to open is so simple that you may not think of it. It’s locked.

The garage door is a security concern for some people, so they lock it. Unfortunately, you can accidentally trip the lock if you are doing any work near it.

You can be putting something up in your loft or pulling something out of your trunk. If you manage to hit the lock then you are causing your own problem and don’t even know.

10. Bad Transmitter Batteries

You can have a battery failure at several locations. Make sure you check your remote and transmission receiver.

Luckily the fix here is a simple battery switch. For your remote, take off the battery cover and replace the batteries.

For your receiver, take off the back cover of the device. You should be able to access your batteries from there.

Your Garage Door Won’t Open: Getting it Fixed

When your garage door won’t open, it isn’t always something you can have easily fixed. When this happens, make sure you call a pro to come and help. They can fix your door quickly and safely.

Are you having problems with your garage door? Contact us today to schedule an appointment to repair it!


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  2. Mia Evans says:

    I never took into account the fact that the issue of alignment in garage doors is usually not visible at first. I will share this information with my husband because that might be the issue that we are having for two days now. It hasn’t been able to completely open that is why we had to be careful when driving the car out of the property, so I hope we can finally hire a garage door repair professional to address this issue once and for all.

    • Benjamin Swanson says:

      Thank you for your kind words Mia, on this and other articles. We are glad these articles are helpful to you, and hopefully your husband as well.;) Feel free to call us anytime if you still need help with that garage door @ 303-900-4116.
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